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            Annual value of Hande axle is surpassing billions euros

            Date:2010-09-19 Source:www.hanyuxia.com

            (chinatrucks.com, Sep 19, 2010) Shaanxi Hande axle 2010 supplier working conference is holding at Shandong Penglai on August 31th, 2010. More than 170 supplier representatives from the nation have participated in the conference and have further discussed and exchanged the next development process.

            Hande axle has settled the production and sales volumes with 360,000 axle assemblies in 2010. It is respected that the production and sales axle volumes will reach more than 550,000 with sales revenue 700 million Euros by expanding the market scale and brand image influence and improvement of enterprise management and new products development in order that market and products sales structure will be continuously improved.   

            It will reasonably expand enterprise scale and business scope, and optimize products and market structure. It will realize production and sales axle assembly more than 900,000 with billions of euros of sales value in 2015. 

            Hande axle and all the supply enterprises will together facing the problem of how to lower the cost, and gain higher sales revenue. It expects that Hande and each supplier could satisfy the market demands and meet the fast development. 

            Hande axle has reported at the conference in terms of new products development, product quality and information management, etc.

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