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            SANY SRT95C Dump Trucks Delivered in Eritrea

            Date:2020-08-28 Author:Linda Source:www.hanyuxia.com

            On July 23, Eritrean mining giant Bisha Mining Share Company (BISHA) took delivery of nine SRT95C dump trucks it ordered earlier this year from SANY.

            In May, all equipment arrived at the Kobar Basin along the Red Sea coast where lies the largest copper-zinc deposit in Northeast Africa. To satisfy the increasing demand of ore production, BISHA tried to enhance its capacity and need the assembly and commissioning of all equipment finished within 30 days.

            A technical support team consists of seven service experts was sent to the job site. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, the whole journey from China to Eritrea took 23 days with multiple transfers. Eventually, all service engineers arrived at the job site and immediately started the back-up service with expertise regardless of the extremely hot weather.

            Thanks to the dedication and commitment of all who involved in the commissioning of these machines, the delivery of the nine SRT95C dump trucks was 16 days ahead of scheduled date. Meanwhile, SANY also has improved the adaptability of the equipment, allowing it to be perfectly adaptive to the local temperature and coastal operating conditions.

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