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            First Batch of 18 Hongyan Trucks Delivered to Uzbekistan as Scheduled

            Date:2020-09-01 Author:Daisy Source:www.hanyuxia.com

            SAIC Hongyan announced that it had taken delivery of its first batch 18 heavy-duty trucks to Uzbekistan as scheduled on July 30, 2020. The customer highly recognized Hongyan’s on-time delivery as well as the perfect quality performance of these heavy-duty trucks.

            The Covid-19 outbreak has caused several delays with delivery processes, including the change in Uzbekistan import policy and difficulty with inspecting the trucks on the site.

            To solve the problems described above, Hongyan took a lot of measures. Firstly, a simple solution was to transform its business from offline to online. All the work related to agreement signment, price negotition and vehicle show ws completed online.

            Secondly, Uzbekistan was to begin imposing scrap excise tax on imported commercial vehicles since August 1st. That’s to say, if these vehicles are delivered after August 1st, RMB10,7000 more tax would be imposed for every unit of truck. In response to the policy change, Hongyan managed to remove all the obstacles that are placed before them and completed the customs clearance for the first 18 units of Hongyan heavy-duty trucks before the scheduled deadline 30th, July.

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