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            Product Presentation

            Great Wall Wingle 6

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            Technical Parameter
            Product Description
            Powerful Engine
            GW4D20 turbocharged engine features high efficiency yet low fuel consumption, remarkable in performance and mature and stable in technology; the engine with maximum power of 110kW and maximum torque of 310N.m boasts strong power that is able to output large torque at low speed and is applied with automatic valve clearance compensation technique that substantially reduces mechanical noise and vibration noise during the engine runs and makes engine noise inside of the cab close to that of gasoline engine with the same displacement.
            Differential Lock
            With use of differential lock, all vehicle wheels may get effective power under off-road conditions for your experience of driving joy; in case adhesion between wheels at two sides comes to difference or when rotate speed difference reaches the setting value, differential lock will lock automatically so that wheels at two sides will get the same power to help the vehicle getting out of the trouble easily and ensure running safety.
            ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
            ESP (electronic stability program) applies Bosch ESP system, integrating ABS, EBD, TCS,HHC, etc. for real-time detection and analysis of vehicle conditions, correcting driving mistakes and intervening vehicle risk in time so as to improve stability and safety of the vehicle.

            Technical Parameters — Wingle 6
            Vehicle Model 4G69 GW4D20
            Body Dimension and Quality Length/width/height (mm) 5345×1800×1760
            Wheel base (mm) 3200
            Rated loading mass (kg) 625
            Dimension of cargo body (mm) 1545×1460×480
            Specification of tire 235/70R16
            Minimum ground clearance (mm) 160
            Engine Form Displacement (L) 2.378 1.996
            Maximum net power/ rotate speed
            90/5150 105/4000
            Maximum net torque
            200/2500-3000 305/1800-2800
            Emission standard EuroV EuroⅣ\ EuroV
            Transmission Transmission type 5MT 6MT
            Chassis Parameters Maximum gradeability (%) 30
            Approach angle (full load) (°) 24
            Departure angle (full load) (°) 18
            Brake system (front/rear) Disc brake/drum brake
            Suspension system (front/rear) Front double-wishbone type torsion bar spring independent suspension/rear leaf spring type non-independent suspension
            Minimum turning diameter (m) 14.5
            Type of steering gear Hydraulic power steering

            京ICP備09021066號-10Public security record numberPublic security record number:11010502036076
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