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            Product Presentation

            JAC GALLOP K7 Tractor

            Collection Enquire
            • JAC GALLOP K7 Tractor
            • JAC GALLOP K7 Tractor
            • JAC GALLOP K7 Tractor
            Technical Parameter
            • JAC GALLOP K7 Tractor

            • 6940*2550*3858

            • 8800

            • 49000

            • 115

            • 3300+1350

            • MC13.54-50

            • 12.419L

            • 397kw/1900rpm

            • 2500Nm/1050-1350rpm

            • National Ⅴ

            • ZF AMT

            • 700L

            • Hydraulic Power Steering

            • 12R22.5

            Product Description
            Minumium Ground Clearance(mm): 230 
            Minumium Turning Diameter(m): ≤18
            Front/Rear Wheel Tread(mm): 2070/1860
            Motor Valves: 24
            Oil Consumption(L/100km): 35
            Front Suspension: Leaf Spring, Bidirectional Shock Absorber
            Rear Suspension: Air Suspension, Bidirectional Shock Absorber
            Braking Type: Front and Rear Disc Brake
            Braking Circuit: Air Dual-Circuit
            Drive Type: Front Engine Rear Drive 
            京ICP備09021066號-10Public security record numberPublic security record number:11010502036076
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