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          1. Welcome to www.hanyuxia.com

            Purchasing Cases
            Tel:  86-10-84933192
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            Reader Message

            Country: Bolivia
            Message: Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd.: Hope you are doing well, I would like to obtain quotations about chassis trucks of JMC and JAC with displacement between 2400cc and 4500cc. 
            Submission time: 2017-03-06

            Country: New Zealand
            Message: Chenglong 609 series 4x2 dumper: Hello, Do you have more information about this truck? How much does it weigh and how much can it carry. What is the Euro standard? How does it cost?
            Submission time: 2017-02-26

            Country: Argentina
            Message: FAW Group Corporation: hello my name is Carlos Cohen and I been in the car business for almost 15 years I have a few dealerships here in Argentina and wanted to see if I can comercialize your brand here. To be more specific in Bahía Blanca Area and then nationwide.
            Submission time: 2017-02-18

            Country: Pakistan
            Message: I am looking for trucks to use as prime mover and dump truck. Please send me details if available product and prices. We need minimum 10 trucks in first phase for testing, and if we like machine we can order upto 50 trucks.
            Submission time: 2017-02-03 


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