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          1. Welcome to www.hanyuxia.com

            Tel:  86-10-84933192
            Fax: 86--10--84933813
            Reader Message

            Country: Iran
            Message: Hi We are the leading importer/distributor of heavy duty truck spare parts in Iran looking for a manufacturing company with high quality products & very competitive prices to place order for DongFeng Cummins T375 piston kit. Please let us know your company capabilities & if we are able to cooperate.
            Submission time: 2017-02-27

            Country: Canada
            Message: Dongfeng Cummins B Series: Hi can you tell me what size engine this is and HP I am looking for a 15 litre and 500 hp to 600hp engine for my truck.It has a detroit engine now but has blown up.Thanks regards James
            Submission time: 2017-02-19

            Country: Argentina
            Message: FAW Group Corporation: hello my name is Carlos Cohen and I been in the car business for almost 15 years I have a few dealerships here in Argentina and wanted to see if I can comercialize your brand here. To be more specific in Bahía Blanca Area and then nationwide.
            Submission time: 2017-02-18

            Country: Germany
            Message: Hello, please give me informations about the strongest engineyou can offer me for a tractor. Submission time: 2017-01-25

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