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            JAC Light Duty Truck Sales Exceeds 100 Thousands Units with 6% YoY Growth in H1

            Date:2020-07-21 Author:Daisy Source:www.hanyuxia.com

            Against the backdrop that the Chinese economy returns to normal track and the anti COVID-19 battle achieves staged victory, JAC light duty truck leads the revival of Chinese light duty truck industry with its outstanding market performance. For the first half year, JAC LDT(Light-duty Truck) sales growth is better than overall industry performance for five consecutive months with 103 thousands units sold and a 6% YoY growth rate, especially during the past June, JAC has sold 2,3000 units with the increase of 103%, leading the LDT industry in China.

            "The sales data shows that JAC high end light duty truck, euqipped with Anhui Cummins engines and JAC original cargo body, grows at rapid speed. For the first half year, JAC truck models with Anhui Cummins engines grew at 18% and JAC original cargo box 36% YoY, far better than the overall growth of 6%."said Zhang Xianhua, General Manager of JAC LDT Sales Company.

            The Chinese government is determined to eradicate the overloading and over-limit problems and upgrade the logistic industry. Cold chain, express delivery, live stock and fresh produces, home-moving industries become more and more professional and puncture oriented. Following the industry trend, JAC LDT introduces high-end NationalVIemission product portfolio with Cummins engine on-board for greater customer value and better using experience.

            Integrating the engine technology of Cummins and profound industrial experience of JAC, Anhui Cummins was founded in 2018 when JAC and Cummins signed the strategic cooperation agreement. Anhui Cummins started National VI emission product R&D and manufacturing at its inception. Based on Cummins globally classical B series engines, Anhui Cummins puts forward more economical and reliable B4.0 and B4.5 engines considering China road condition and working condition. Together with 3.0L engine, it has set up a complete National VI product portfolio. All National VI products equips Cummins version 2.0 remote diagnosing service, including remote diagnosing and calibration functions. The connected vehicle system and big data enable Anhui Cummins to provide after sales service in a proactive way and improve responding speed by adapting remote diagnosing and upgrading function.

            Currently Anhui Cummins engines can be equipped with all N series LDT and most of JAC medium trucks. All Anhui Cummins engines are produced in its own factory. At the very beginning, Anhui Cummins invested 200 millions RMB for factory upgrade. The new factory is highly automatic, digital and intelligent. The production facility improvement,production management and worker training are key to its success.

            For production equipment, Anhui Cummins factory has 56 sets of high accuracy machining center, 57 sets of renowned brand special equipment, 17 MARPOSS production line checkout equipment and 3 AVL power test board bay. The production line is highly automatic, flexible, digital and intelligent with 17 robots and 50 spots of active error prevention mechanisms to ensure the quality during assembly.

            For production process monitoring, it introduces COS system used globally by Cummins. The application of MES control system make the whole production line digital and each process traceable.

            Anhui Cummins factory carries out key principle of precision, standardization,high quality and low cost to achieve high quality and high efficiency goal and provide more reliable engine products to its customers.

            JAC LDT company insisted on customer-oriented strategy. Empowered by Anhui Cummins Power, it has achieved sales increase and product upgrade goals. For the next half year, JAC is also confident that they can achieve our annual sales target.

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