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            JAC Truck Achieves 23,000 Units Sales in July, a 40.8% YoY Growth

            Date:2020-08-17 Author:Daisy Source:www.hanyuxia.com

            At present, with the continuous improvement of the overall recovery of China`s economic operation, the forming of new development pattern is accelerating with the domestic major circulation as the main body, and both domestic and international circulation promote each other, both ends of supply and demand in the manufacturing sector continuously rebound. Driven by the continuous promotion of automobile consumption policies in different locations, the market recovery is gradually emerging. In July 2020, JAC Motors achieved sales of 36,800 vehicles, with an year-on-year increase of 33.6%, and achieved positive year-on-year growth for the fourth consecutive month, showing a strong momentum of development.

            Since this year, facing the sudden outbreak of the pandemic, JAC achieves a stable and orderly development of enterprise management by prevention and control of pandemic on one hand and resume production on the other.In the first half of the year, the cumulative sales of various types of vehicles reaches 215,000 units, with the decline continues to narrow, and the effect of structural adjustment further demonstrates. In July, the sales of JAC continues to climb with increase of a variety of products.

            Influenced by the factors such as investment in new and existing infrastructure and overloading management, commercial vehicle continues the growth trend. JAC truck achieves 23,000 units sales in July, a 40.8% YoY growth, among which the light commercial vehicles reaches 16,700 units and a 26.7% YoY increase. As the pillar business sector of JAC Motors, LCV performs quite stable in the market. Besides, heavy commercial vehicle exceeds 4,500 units in July, a YoY increase of 98.9%.

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