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          1. Chenglong Motor, Cheng 609, Balong 507
            Sales Tel: 86-772-3282008
            Service Tel: 86-772-3836524
            Accessories Tel: 86-772-3286666

            Chenglong Motor Profile

            In 1954, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd was founded.In 1969, it began to produce motors.In 1981, it joined Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd.In 1997, it carried out the reform of shareholding system.In 2003, it gained greater development.In 2005 and 2006, it became the only domestic self-developed brand which enters the ranking list of J.D.Power Asia Pacific.      [more]

            Recommended products of Chenglong Motor at overseas

            Drive mode:

            Engine: WD615.50
            Transmission: 9JS119
            Wheelbase: 3650+1350
            Cargo Box Dimension: 5200x2300x1350
            Gearbox: 9-forward-speed
            Brake: Air hand brake
            Cabin: M41 cabin

            Technology Advantage

            Super-strong driving
            Braking performance
            Human-oriented instrument board Overturn-able headlamp
            Convenient working area on cowl
            Excellent sealability
            Superexcellent corrosion proof

            Mode: EQ1161ZE1
            Rated loading weight: 9.3T
            Engine: YC6J18021(180PS)
            Rear axle: 153 rear axle
            Tyre: 10.00-20
            Wheelbase: 1860+4640
            Exterior size: 8600x2294x600,800
            Published tonnages: 7.9T

            Technology Advantage

            Advanced painting technology
            Advanced vehicle frame producing
            Advanced final assembly line
            Strict new product R&D
            Strict quality control system
            Advanced welding producing
            Good chassis universality

            More products of Chenglong Motor

            • Chenglong 6x2 truck
            • Chenglong 6x2 dumper
            • Chenglong light truck
            • Chenglong 4x2 medium truck
            • Chenglong 6x2 medium
            • Balong 4x2 medium dumper
            • Balong 507 6x4 tractor
            • Balong 507 6x4 heavy
            • Chenglong 609 light truck
            • Balong 406 6x4 heavy

            Market Orientation of Chenglong Motor

            Online feedback

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            Online inquire

            From Kenya: pandak mawel <2010-11-15>

            I need a platform truck and i don't know how many engine mod e do you have.if you can send me how much for one unit and transport cost from your city to Mombasa then land transportation to Juba in South Sudan or from your city to Uganda then land transportation to Juba in South Sudan.Which one you prefer or easly for you?

            From Uganda:Titus Bitebekezi <2010-11-10>

            Based on the market here, I am more inclined to the Cummins M5 340hp. I would like to have the price quotation in terms of CIF Mombasa port. Also please advise if there are other options exceeding the power output of 340hp up to say 550hp.

            From Saudi Arabia:alharbi <2010-11-3>

            i want to know the price mixer 6x4,7m3.rhd, cif bangkok,thanks alot.

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