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            New Journey of Chinese Truck Industry in 2010

            Statistics show that from January to October 2009, Chinese commercial vehicle sales reached 2.7 million, raised by 17.3% compared with same period last year. The sales of medium-sized heavy-duty truck and passenger car from January to November have exceeded market ... [More]

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            Import & Export Comparison

            Rebound phenomenon of the Chinese truck market was appeared from the first 3Q 2009

            Best Selling models Recommended
            HOWO A7
            Curb weight: 8800 (kg)
            Engine Type : D10.34
            Engine Displacement:?9.726L

            Max output power: 340

            Max torque (kg.m/rpm): 1490Nm

            Transmission Type : HW18710

            List reasons:

            Through more than two years research and development, all-new generation of heavy-duty truck series HOWO-A7 was designed with more than 130 Patent technologies, which represents the highest level of the current domestic truck industry. And it only include HOWO-A7 4 × 2 and? 6 × 2 models.

            Shaanxi Auto F3000 Series
            Curb weight: 19370(kg)

            Max speed(Km/h): 100km/h

            Engine Type: WP7.270
            Transmission Type: 9JSD119
            Front axle : MAN 7.5ton
            Rear axle: 13tonMAN single stage

            List reasons:

            Turning to F3000, it can not fail to mention the environmental highlights of this series:High-pressure common-rail engine meet the emission standards of national? Ⅲ& Ⅳ . Vehicle fuel consumption reduced by 5% -8%. Transmission efficiency increased by 5%.

            FAW J6 Series
            Model: LZ1160RCM

            Driveline: 6X2

            Engine Type: B190 33(190PS,EGR)

            Transmission Type:HY7-100

            Reference size: 8600×2294×800

            List reasons:

            Benefitiong from FAW's advanced heavy truck technology,the J6 is a revolutionary high,wide cab design offering world class work environment with unobstructed visibility. The cab's aesthetic aerodynamic design reduces air drag for maximum fuel efficiency. Its aerodynamic design, light weight components, advanced drivetrain, and sophisticated electronics make it one of the most cost-effective and productive trucks on the road today.

            Chenglong 609
            Curb weight: 7240(kg)

            Driveline: 6*2

            Engine Displacement:9.726L

            Max output power:272/1900

            Tyre: 315/80R22.5
            Max Speed : 120

            List reasons:

            Good safety performance of Chenglong 609 is still continuation design of the Balong 507.Cab frame strengthened with Keel frame and the key part with high-strength steel.

            Beautiful appearance, excellent security, good comfort, perfect handling and stability, excellent power performance and fuel economy made these newly-listed products are highly competitive.

            2010 Msot Potential models Recommended
            Guangzhou HINO 700
            Model :YC4250SS2PK
            Curb weight(kg): 9400

            Driveline: 6*4

            Engine Type: P11C-UJ
            Engine Displacement: 10.52L

            Recommended reasons:

            Thanks to an advanced common rail engine, the Hino 700 Series can generate up to 2157Nm of torque and 450 horsepower while consuming surprisingly little fuel.

            The high pressure injection system, which is a feature of common rail technology, dramatically reduces noise and exhausts emissions, and has the added advantage of reduced fuel consumption.

            SAIC- IVECO Genlyon
            Model: CQ4254HTVG324
            Curb weight(kg): 9670
            Engine Type: F2CE0681B*B(Curs9)
            Engine Displacement: 280/2100

            Max output power: 380

            Max torque (kg.m/rpm):1500/1500

            Max speed:110

            Recommended reasons:

            The Genlyon truck is the first product launched by the SAIC-Iveco joint venture and incorporates Iveco's European technology with Chinese product design.
            Truck features: the Stralis Active Space cab with internal and external appointments designed specifically for the Chinese market, including the standard specification of air conditioning and air suspended driver's seat.

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